Tuesday, July 28, 2009

101 And Having Fun

The Caldwell District

Hope everyone is enjoying the heat. Its not too bad here. People kinda go crazy if its anything above 100*. "Oh my goodness its 101*! The streets are gonna melt" but when I tell them where I'm from they're like, "oh...ok..." haha.

This week has been alot of good byes for Elder Peterson as he gets trasnfered to Declo (right next to Burley) and Elder Naler moves in tomorrow morning. I don't know anything about him.

We had our final district meeting as the Caldwell zone. It was way fun. I actually made a missionary version of scatagories. Pretty fun!

Sunday was the highlight of the week. We had two baptisimal interviews that went great. Both are really prepared and are both getting baptized this sat. (actually two hours apart. Man that's gonna be some crazy timing!) This week has been great.

That's it for today though. Short and sweet (better than sour right [for Jesse Johnson]). Next week I should have a pretty good update on comp, district, and everything else/

Love ya all!

-Elder Woods
I uploaded some new videos of Brad from Payette and La Grande
Marble Magic:
Payette Tour Part II
Oh Hail

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brad and Elder Wenzel (Fall '08) Elder Wenzel Wearing The Best Band EVER!!! (Fall '08)


So last Tuesday I think I told you about the scavenger hunt we planned to do, or we had just done it. I don't remember, anyways, we did the scavenger hunt and it was WAY fun. We didn't have time to review pictures though so we ended up doing that on Thursday after district meeting. It was pretty close, but my team won by 1 point! pretty crazy. and I know what your thinking, "hey, the guy that made the scavenger hunt won!" well...that's true. haha. Its was fun though. Everyone had a good time.

On Friday, Elder Finau and Wenzel celebrated there two year mark by burning a suit each. This was REALLY REALLY cool.

The work has gone great this week as well. We picked up a new investigator who's praying about a date and have two baptism dates set for August 1st. That's gonna be one crazy day! haha.

Other than that, not much happened. I caught some bug that made me not feel good for two days. I still worked, but it sucked. I think its gone. haha. Crazy.

Anywho, hope everything is good for you!

Love ya tons!

-Elder Woods
(Sorry I don't have a picture of Elder Finau)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still Crazy After All These Months

Scavenger Hunt Fun

4th of July with the Drapers
(Check out Brad's shorts, socks and most of all shoes?)

How is everybody? Those without bodies, good day to you as well.

This week has been pretty awesome. I don't have my planner on me and I have a terrible memory so its a deadly combination. This means I can't give a day by day, but can give some cool highlights in no particular order. To prove I don't care about order, today we went to the temple (always amazing) and then had a huge zone scavenger hunt. Made by me. It was somewhat similar to the one I made in Burley, I just made it alot harder. Which ended up being way fun.

This week we also had interviews. It sounds like I'm stayin, but ya never know. Rumors are also goin down that (since we cover the whole Caldwell East Stake) our area might get split. I wouldn't mind this. Our area is really big and our mile allotment is not so big.

Yesterday we moved. This is always a LOAD of fun. Especially when you have to move 4 times in one transfer!haha. But seriously. District meeting this week was pretty fun. An Elder had to go through a chair maze blindfolded with 6 peoples shouting bad directions and one whispering the right ones. This was pretty hilarious, but we also learned alot. haha.

I went on an exchange with elder Wenzel and I got to go get my hair cut by sister Jones in Middleton (the Jones are a really cool family I met in Middleton last year) so it was cool to see them.

This week the work has gone REALLY good. We have two baptism dates set and plan on doing more. It's going awesome.

Well, I gotta run. Thank you all for all you do!
Love ya tons!

-Elder Woods

Pics. 4th, 4th, 4th of july, and other stuff. Also one from the scavenger hunt today that you'll love

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sorry for the lengthy absence. If you haven't heard, I just had my appendix taken out in Caldwell. Consequently, I have also been transferred to Caldwell. This is not bad at all.
Reason #1 Elder Wenzel is my zone leader and Elder Gebhart (another really good friend of mine) is in my district. The rest of the members of the zone are all REALLY cool too.
#2 I am FINALLY by a Sonic again! It's like not watching Star Wars for a really long time and than watching all 6. It's that amazing. haha.
#3 I was in Middleton (next town over) last year so I've run into alot of familiar faces. There is a lot more reasons, but I think 3 is enough.
So how was everyone's 4th of July? Mine was AWESOME. (oh by the way I tried to put pics on and it wouldn't let me so next week I'll have a ton).
(So I added some for him)
3rd of July I went with Gebhart to Homedale to watch there firework show. For some reason they do there show on the 3rd... I really don't know why, but it was really cool. We knew the people running the show so we kinda got back stage. WAY cool! The show was tight. I have alot of it filmed.
4th of july, we went to Middleton and watched the parade and had a BBQ at (drumroll) THE DRAPERS! Crazy! I was at their house last 4th of July. It was way fun. We had a water balloon fight and had a blast.
Some other great things have probably happened this last week but because of a little thing called Vicodin, I can't remember. haha. But right now I'm back to 100%. FINALLY. It's awesome
Thank you for all your prayers. Tune in next week for pictures like crazy!!
-Elder Woods
p.s. I heard in the hospital that Micheal Jackson died. and than I heard Billy Mayes died. What is happening to the world?! haha
Elder Wenzel's the TALL one!
2008 4th of July (all but Brad are home now!!)

July 2008 The Awesome Draper Family (Brother Draper was at work)