Friday, February 27, 2009

New Videos

Brad wanted me to upload some of his video for your enjoyment!!
I'll post more later.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Mini Update


This will prolly be a little short. Today is pretty full. We're about to go do some service. So training is so Really Really fun. My comp is super cool and we have a blast together. Our baptism is still on target for March 7.
His name is Jerry Troello. His wife was a recent convert and so he decided he wanted to hear the lessons and BAM, now we're here. haha. He was being taught before I got here. He's awesome. Haha, ya, there is some funny videos on that cam. Did you see the one where we ate dog treats? haha. That was a funny story.
Ok, well, I have to run.
Thanks for all you do!
-Elder Woods

(This is the letter I got this week with Brad's permission to publish parts of it, thanks for reading)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A rosary and candles suggested but not required.


This week has been pretty crazy. (not as crazy as last week, but a healthy amount of insane for sure.) We've been able to meet with some really cool people and play Volleyball. I landed on my knee wrong and it hurt, but after getting X-rays, its all good. YAY! haha. Hey! that's tight. (He went to a clinic called "The Holy Rosary Clinic". Since he didn't change religions I hope they told him the truth. He and other Elders in his mission were victims of Debit Card fraud and lost all their cash for the month. His new companion, Elder Forsyth is from Springfield Missouri and Brad says, "Training owns! Its so fun. Prolly because I have a really really cool comp. He's a drummer, how could he be any thing but cool.)

Our investigator Jerry now has a baptismal date of March 7th. We're pretty excited. He's way cool. Well, sorry this blog is pretty short. In my defense I just emailed 4 days ago. haha.

I love ya all!

-Elder Woods

I thought I'd post a picture of Elder and Sister Woods with our official badges since Brad didn't send pictures. Being a missionary is AWESOME.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tour of Oakley

I got this back in October and just figured out how to post it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elder Papa Woods

What is up my friends?

I hope all is awesome. My week has been absolutely insane. Literally the craziest week in my mission. Don't believe me? Check this out.
On Saturday, Jeffery R Holland came and spoke to our mission. (told ya. crazy. haha). It was absolutely amazing. He is the funniest/most intimidating guy ever. But I was basically crying laughing the whole time. But on a spiritual plane, oh my goodness...he's amazing. I learned SOOOOO much.
That same day, was transfers. It makes sense because the entire mission was together so we just kinda switched. EXCEPT, I was getting a new missionary and they didn't come in until Tuesday. That meant I was paired up with Elder Chain in Fruitland (ya, it does sound gay) and we covered both areas. It was crazy. Since we had two areas, we kinda just decided to do 2 dinners instead of cancelling. We only did this once, since the meal was the EXACT same! Down to the drink options. hahaha. Pretty funny.
On Sunday, I spoke in Payette 2nd ward. I find speaking to be a crap load easier and actually enjoyable now. (I'm hoping he used his "church words") pretty tight. Anyways, on Monday, the assistants came and picked Elder Chain and I up and took us to Boise where we stayed the night and waited for our new missionaries. We got them Tuesday, and they are way good. My new comp is Elder Forsyth. He's WAY cool. He's a total drummer. Winter drum-line/drumset, the whole thing baby! Way tight. So I decided to get some very cool members (the Berrymans) to hook up a tight "greenie" dinner. Notice the picture. Very very cool. Pears, broccoli (I don't know how to spell that), green drink (not juice...drink. haha. Sugar, water, green), and other green things. It was way cool.
That basically brings us to today! Yesterday we were wicked busy with district meeting in Council and stuff. But I'm way excited. He's an awesome kid and is totally prepared. Next week I'll have pics and stuff.
Thanks again for all you do.
Love ya! -Elder Woods

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Up to McCall - Big Buns and Bigger Dragons


So today was pretty crazy. We made the LONG drive up to McCall today as the AP's came and picked up most of our zone to go to the McCall ice festival. These are some of the carvings. It was pretty insane! That's not even half of them. (The theme was dragons. I'm not obsessed with dragons. haha). There were some slides and crazy stuff made out of ice. We than went to a place called the Pancake house. Famous for there large portions. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and was like, oh look, a "giant" cinamon roll is only like $2. I'll get that too. We wait a while for our food and the waitress brings out the most massive cinimmon roll I or any othe the other Elders had ever seen. They all busted out there cameras and took pics. ITS WAS HUGE!! As Jim Gaffigan would say, 8 pounds of cake. But I did finish it and paid the price. haha.

We had interviews and it sounds like Elder Reese is leaving. I'll get back to you more when I learn more.

Ok, so I have to share this before I gotta run. Last Sunday in Payette 1st ward, we had an entire meeting on missionary work. It was extremely powerful and brought a new excitment. We felt and saw that this Sunday, when we received 44 names to visit! Holy MAN!! So awesome. So we should be pretty busy for the next good while.

Well, I hope all is well for you.

Love ya all!

-Elder Woods

P.s. Hell didn't freeze over because the Cardinals didn't win, but Idaho still did. ugh...haha

Exactly inbetween the equator and the north pole.