Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Only In Idaho

Brad hurt his knee today and said he wasn't going to get around to writing a blog post today, but he did say next week he is going to have BIG news!!! So I thought I would post some new pictures from the SD card he sent home last week.
The mom

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boise and Back

How is everyone? So one of the big things that happened this week was our trip to Boise for Zone Leader Council. It's really weird, I've served in the Idaho Boise Mission for 20 months, and I don't know ANYTHING about Boise. haha. Luckily my comp had served there so he showed me around and told me where to go. The meeting was amazing. There were some pretty 'mission changing' anouncements, but I'll fill you guys in on those when they come to pass. haha. It was a good trip though.

Another good thing, I found a place called '5 Guys Burgers and Fries'. haha. We stumbled upon the grand opening of one in Twin. Wow. Place is amazing. (We got a call from the owner, a Brother Neider, and he said, "I am calling to give you a report on Elder Woods, and the report is good", he said all kinds of good things about Brad, so it was FANTASTIC) We were able to talk to someone and go see them later. It was sweet.

The work is still going good. We helped some people move and did some service walking Dogs. Like, for the pound. I guess they really needed help with that. I dunno, it was fun. haha.
But it has been really good.

Well, I gotta run. Hope all is well for ya'll.

Love-Elder Woods

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brrrrrrr Birthday


Thanks everyone for making my b-day extra sweet. So this week was pretty awesome. It started off with the Gardners throwing me a b-day party. It was sweet. Then some investigators bought me some chicken wings (which I haven't had my whole mission) and they were AMAZING! Mr. B's worthy. It was awesome.

Other than that, The main cool thing we did this week was we got to help out with bishop store-house deliveries. We met in a church parking lot and unloaded a truck full of crates. Each crate had a bunch of food and products that a family requested. So we organized them into piles and helped give them to people when they showed up. I don't know if I mentioned but it was SOOOO cold! Even my companion (from Minnesota) said it was way cold. I had to go home and put on a few more layers. In the end I looked like an Eskimo but hey, I was pretty good. You can see by the picture how a person from Arizona (me) dresses in cold compared to someone who's
used to it (Elder Crook). Over all a GREAT experience though. People were so thankful and kind. To see the joy on their face knowing that they could feed their family tonight was a very good learning experience. It was kinda like a reverse Christmas where you give gifts instead of get. It was really really a great experience.

Other than that, we met with all our investigators and are getting everyone back
on track. So we're pretty busy. Hope you guys are all doing good.

I love ya all!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twenty Ten and Twenty One

( In honor of B-rad's 21st birthday here are some oldies but goodies, enjoy)


So this is a very special edition of the blog. It is my 21st birthday. So immediatly following this email, we are going to the bar and driving to Vegas. haha.

New Years was pretty sick though. We hung out with the Zone and had a blast. Some played basketball (those of you who know me know that I was NOT one of those players haha) and some had a snowball fight. haha That was me. It was really a good time and we got to know the members of the Zone really well. We couldn't really work the next day, so we hung out with some other missionaries and played Beyond Boulderdash (greatest game ever) and Jenga. (by the way, I totally forgot how fun Jenga is. If you too have forgot the joy attached with this game, I highly recomend you go out and reconnect with it. Loads of fun. haha)

The other big thing that happened was the Fiesta Bowl. Oh man. If anyone knows about soccer, they know how intense the fans get in South America and stuff. That's how people in Idaho are about their BSU. They go CRAZY! haha. We coulnd't watch the game, but dinner had the game playing IN the dining room and so did our appointments, so it was hard to avoid. But the state basically exploded when BSU pulled it off and won. Oh man, people are talking about it as I write this. haha, It's pretty awesome.

But this week had been good as work goes too. Alot of our investigators told us to come back later after family left and stuff, but we were able to see some people we've wanted to. Transfer calls come tonight. I hope I stay, but we'll see what the Lord has in mind.

Well, I gotta run. Hope your New Year's was good and the year follows suit.

Love ya all!

-Elder Woods