Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Golfing in the Canyon

The Wonderful Gardner Family they have really taken good care of our
Elder Woods

Hey everyone.

So I'm still in Twin. I get transfered tomorrow morning.

This week we've mainly just been seeing our investigators, members, and others, and saying our goodbyes. We also took some time to get some good pictures of Twin. In fact, last p-day we drove down in the canyon to take pics of a really nice golf course, and the owner came out and was like, "you boys wanna play?" We told him none of us had money, but he insited that he cover our fees and rent us clubs for free! SWEET! So we gotta play a round of golf for free in the canyon. It was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity thats for sure.

That's actually pretty much it. We've just been getting the area ready for the next
elders and vice versa.

Hope your week is awesome!

Love ya all!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming Home....dale.

Hey everyone!

Sorry about the no blog post last week. The pics were of Elder Tapia's 18th month mark. He's a good friend of mine.

So yesterday we got our transfer calls. Which came WAY early. But 1st, last week we had interviews. They were way good and President made it sound like both Twin Falls Zone Leader areas would be shotgunned (all missionaries taken out and new ones put in), but also made it sound possible that the two Twin Falls Zone's would be combined and some missionaries would stay as ZL's to combine them. Anyways, transfer
calls came yesterday and announced that all the zl's would be leaving, but the zones would not be combined. Elder Gebhart is going out to Meridian North to be the zl there and I am out to Marsing Homedale to be a regular old missionary. I'm SOOOO excited. haha. Not only do I get to be a regular missionary, Homedale is an awesome area (in the Caldwell Zone a.k.a. the best zone), WITH one of my favorite missionaries Elder Cobb. I'm REALLY excited. I plan to work my heart out. Which is what we've been doing this week in Twin Falls. Now we're gonna have to work harder to get the area ready for two new missionaries.

Next week I'll either be here or Homedale so if I'm there I can give you a pretty good update.

Anyways, that's about it.

I love ya all!

-Elder Woods

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old Timer's Disease?

So Brad sent an email, 2 pictures but NO blog post this week. I don't know who the Elder is in the picture but leave it to my fire loving son to always have his camera ready for a burning ceremony. Brad did say his knee is feeling better. He said that his companion Elder Gephart and former Zone Leader Spencer Wentzel want him to go to BYU with them. BYU??? Wow Brad has changed (his ASU alumni sisters will be so offended)!!!

I hope his old parents forgetfulness doesn't hit again next week.

64 days and counting down. YEA!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Big News

Hey everyone.

So last week I told you today I would have a big announcement, and I certainly do have one. It is crazy awesome and might make your head explode. ready?...Coheed and Cambria are releasing their new cd on April 13th! WOAH!!! haha. So obviously that's not the real big news, but still pretty amazing right? The big news has to do with the next day. The 14th. That will be the day Elder Woods, becomes Brad Woods again. Yep, I will be released on the 14th of April. Which means I'll actually probably get home on the 15th. Still pretty crazy. (So this is what Brad wrote to me: "if you are wondering why so early, Presidently Yardley is sending quite a few people early because of school and a couple of other reasons 1. He wants to get ready for the new mission president by moving up all new leadership. That way when the new president comes in, he won't have to worry about leadership or transfers for a while or sending people home. and 2. there is a pretty big influx of missionaries during the time. We'll have over 200 if everyone stays and there's not near enough room for that many. So it's not cause I stink or anything, don't worry.") That's probably all I'll say about that for a while though. I try not to think too much about going home, but I thought you might all like that update.

So this week was pretty awesome. Wednesday we had zone conference. It was SWEET. We also had a guest visitor for Zone breakout that Elder Gebhart and I found. His name was Matt Foley, and he was a motivational speaker. He taught us all about planning so we didn't waste our time having to track out the people living in vans down by the river. haha. It was WAY funny, but we also learned. It was a good time.

Yesterday we had a small zone activity trying to make our own rootbeer. Had I known it takes a WEEK to make I never would have signed up, but hopefully it will be worth it. Unfortunately last night at around 11, we heard a large explosion in our apartment and found one of the bottles had exploded. So after an hour of cleaning, we got back to sleep. I gotta say this better be the best rootbeer ever. haha. But it was fun and we had a cool district meeting while making it so I guess it was worth it.

Today we were able to go down to Burley and go to the Distribution Center. It brought back a flood of memories of serving down there for a while. I wish Oakley wasn't so far or I would have visited there. Other than that, the work is going awesome.

We picked up some new investigators and they are REALLY progressing. It's awesome.

Well, hope you are all doing awesome.

I love ya tons!

-Elder Woods