Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Throwing Up and Hiking Down

You could prolly guess from the title that I got sick AGAIN! It's so ridiculous. But this was only a 24 hour thing. I'll talk about it later.
Last week I talked about how we was gonna have us a baby.

Well, on Tuesday, we did. His name is Elder Homan. He's from Salem Utah and is waiting for a visa to go to MONGOLIA! Holy man! haha. Talk about crazy. He says the only thing people eat it sheep. Maybe I should be a little more thankful for getting Lasagna (I'm sure it reeks havoc on his IBS) 80 times a week for dinner.(I can no longer eat that meal. Sorry mom. haha). He is actually really cool for a greenie. I was impressed. But I was more impressed with when he taught. We spit up and taught a lesson and he taught like he had been out for over a year. He's a REALLY good teacher. Being in a four-some is really interesting. I've never heard of it ever happening before, so we can only guess what to do with it. We end up splitting up a lot because showing up to someones door with 4 missionaries would prolly look like the mafia. haha.

So on Wednesday, we had Zone Conference. It was REALLY good. The whole thing was focused on the Book of Mormon and using it to resolve concerns. During Z
one breakout, we gave every companionship a concern, and had them look up multiple scriptures to use for that concern. We set up empty bottles with those concerns written on them and after they used that scripture, they shot the bottle down with a dart. If they missed, their comp used a back up scripture to help them. It was pretty fun,but more importantly, we learned that ANY problem can be resolved using the Book of Mormon.

Thursday, we went didn't go to district meeting because it got cancelled...I don't know how you cancel a district meeting...but ok. We did have some really good lessons that day and moved our two baptisms from sat to Fri. (the 3rd got moved to the 17th). Pretty cool.

Friday we went to the other district meeting,and visited a bunch of people after. That night, I began to feel a little woozy. But I didn't think anything of it because it happens alot.

On Saturday, we went out and picked tomatoes for this family. We ended up picking 40 BOXES of tomatoes! I don't even like tomatoes!haha. But, throughout the whole service, I just kept feeling worse and worse. We left and Elder West and Bergquist were both feeling like crap too. We got home and the puking began. West and I were the only ones puking like crazy. Bergquist just had a way bad stomach ache. Homan was perfectly fine. (we think it was because he just got out of the germ infested MTC after being there for 3 months and built up an immunity). But we were hating it all night.
Luckily a really nice member (I don't know who it was since I was passed out on the floor when they came) came and brought us soup and medicine and stuff.

We were pretty sick Sunday too. We ended up going to a little of church and taking the sacrament. But by the end of Sunday, we were good.

Monday was good. We met with a bunch of families and went to a bunch of meetins.

Today, (after going to the temple) the Gardners (way cool fam) took us out to Balance Rock, Niagra Springs, and other cool sites. It was really cool and I took some cool pics that I can
hopefully post.

Well, that's about it.
Thanks for all you do everyone!

I love ya All!
-Elder Woods

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heavy Metal

Hey everyone!

So this week has been much calmer than others. But still wild - a bird made out of metal. Which we saw a ton of yesterday. Very random. (pictures will be included). haha.

Anyways, Wednesday we planned for Zone Conference (we are in charge of planning a "Zone breakout" which is really just an hour long Zone meeting), so we thought of some fun activities plus helping to resolve investigators concerns. We also put our bikes together and put them in the backyard of someone in Kinberly. (we actually cover Kimberly but live in Twin Falls, which is 5 miles away... I have no Idea either.)

We met with a new investigator (11 year old girl in a PMF - mission speak for part member family) and set a baptism date for Oct 3rd! So we'll have three that day. Probably 2 before Conference and 1 between sessions. Should be an awesome day! Except for conference means we have to wear suit-coats again. Ugh...oh well, its kinda cold now that the wind picked up.

Thursday I went on an exchange with some other Elders into their area. Its was pretty awesome. We taught like 6 Napolise (I have no clue how to spell it. People from Napal) families. They are so receptive and amazing. Someone had givin them some anti and they told us, "give us a Book of Mormon. They made us take their fake movies so we'll make them take this true book!" haha. So tight! It was a really cool experience. Except hardly any of them could speak English so I had a very hard time following the lesson. haha.

Friday we went to a District Meeting where Elder Bergquist exchanged with a greenie in Jarome. So West and I got the Greenie. haha, oh Greenies...haha. Anyways, we went to a ward Luau where they had coconut (good), pork (good), pinapple (good), and Bar-b-cue sauce to put ALL over it...(what?!) haha. It was pretty good though.

Saturday (after doing progress records) we were informed that we would be getting a Visa waiter straight from the MTC. So we would be in a four-some...with a greenie...oh boy...haha. We have no idea why it's happening or why the AP's thought this would be a good idea, but we'll run with it. haha. We get him later today.

Sunday we went to church all day and had some REALLY good lessons...fall through. haha. We did have one REALLY good lesson at the end of the day with 2 new investigators. pretty awesome.

Yesterday, we were on bikes. Ugh...haha. This is how I saw the metal bird statue things. Pretty interesting.

That about sums up the week. This upcoming week should be REALLY interesting though. haha.

I love ya all

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Myself, Elder Naylor and Elder Mickelson wearing our stunner shades. haha

The Hoggs. One of my favorite families on the planet.

Surprise visit from Grandpa Lehman! haha

Hey everyone!
So this week has been WAY awesome. I thought I was busy in Caldwell, but I'm like 3x more so here in Twin Falls. I actually don't cover Twin at all. I cover Kimberly, Hanson, and Murtaugh. Ever heard of them? Ya, me neither. But they are awesome.

Wednesday was transfers and I rode the van all the way to Twin and met up with Elder Bergquist and West and the party began. We all get along SUPER good and all have a desire to work hard so it's tight. We contacted some awesome people and began to know the area.

Thursday, we went to a district meeting in the morning. Pretty good. Then we went out and put in fence posts for a guy named Max. We just saw him doing some work, offered to help and we were there a few hours. It was actually way fun. Our dinner appointment gave us 3 referrals, we contacted all of them right after and they all wanted us to come back. YA! That night we met with some younger investigators and set a baptism date with both of them. It was amazing.

Friday we went to another district meeting and then went out to a leadership training meeting with President. It was a really good meeting. President pulled the rug out from under all of us and said "no caffeine drinks". (Brad and the good Dr. have a long friendship, this should be interesting) CRAP! I had totally just bought a twelve pack of Dr. Pepper that morning! AH! haha. oh well, thank goodness for limeade's at sonic! haha I'll survive with that. That night we met with some more people who were just awesome.

Saturday, we woke up and did service painting a house. This was a HUGE project. We painted FOREVER. It was pretty fun though. After that we worked on progress records and the zone vision/calender. It ended up being really cool. I'll try to get it on the blog. Prolly next week. Also that day, Phil a.k.a. Elder Lehman, stopped by. Way cool to see him again. He is so tight.

Sunday we had a great day. Went to like 6 sacrament meeting and had some awesome lessons. We set another baptism date. WAY COOL! (It was really a re-set, but hey! a dates a date! haha).

Yesterday we did some planning and other stuff, then had District Leader Council where we presented the Zone vision. It was a good meeting. That night we got two new investigators who are SOOO cool! One of them is a skater who plays drums and loves music. Sound familiar? haha. Way cool.

We started today off by going to the temple. Great start. I missed the temple so bad. It's amazing.

Well, that's all the time I got.

I love you all!

-Elder Woods

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a Few More Pictures

Thanks to cute Diane Naylor (Brad's companions mom) who sent me these bonus pictures. (I love it when this happens!!!)

Caldwell Apartment
(Shared By The Wonderful Hogg Family)

Caldwell Apartment

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Falls That Look Alike!!

The drumset - beautiful color
Jammin with Shafercotter. He's WAY good and we had a blast!

The Caldwell Zone

A BSU jacket a really want. Maybe christmas?... haha. Ya, I'm a BSU fan now. I think it's impossible not be in this state. EVERYONE is. I still love ASU way more. I just gotta rep Boise. haha

The Tuckett Family. Way cool

Hey everyone!

So this week, not as monumentally insane as last week, just busy. I'll just hit the big things. Transfer calls came in and I am heading out to Twin Falls to be with Elder Bergquist (check the blog like last October to hear about him. We became friends in Burley) and Elder West (from Mesa AZ. We were in the MTC together and became good friends)! So this should OWN! I am way excited!

This week however, meant I had to say goodbye to alot of cool people/families. Such as the Tuckett (two T's? I dunno) family. Way cool family. Brother Tuckett is the Ward Mission Leader of 8th ward and is one of the best I've ever met. It also meant saying bye to the Hogg's (picture next week), whom we live with.

Yesterday, the other Elders we lived with finally found housing (they didn't find it, the wards they cover were supposed to find it for them) and we helped them move out. It was weird last night actually being able to go to sleep on time. (Any missionary reading this that has ever spent time in a four-some apartment will know what I'm talking about. haha).

We had our last District Meeting which we combined the Districts and had Zone Meeting and went out to pizza afterwards.

That's about all I got. I'm sure other stuff happened, but that's all I can remember.

As an update, Elder Tanner (Oakley Companion) returns home at conference. His homecoming should be around than. He's an awesome guy.

Well, I love ya all tons!

Have a good week and next week I'll be broadcasting live from Twin Falls!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The 1000000 Degree House

Brad wrote in his email this week that his apartment is 1000000 degrees at night (but the family they live with is awesome). This past week Brad's companion's mom contacted me. It is so fun to be able to share this experience with mom's all over the country. The Naylors live in San Diego - LUCKY and it has been great to share pictures and information on our Elders. I swiped, I mean borrowed these pictures of Brad's house that reaches 10000000 in their top apartment off her blog. Thanks Diane (her blog is totally cute, just like her and she has the cutest hair and shoes).

Oh C_ap!!!!

Hey everyone!

So this week has been hilariously busy. Some of the pictures may be a little graphic. And by some, I mean one. You'll heart he story soon enough. But let's start at the beginning of this crazyweek.

Wednesday, we had a zone service project. We stacked like 20,000,000 pieces of wood. It was pretty insane, but fun because so many people were there.

Thursday, I went on an exchange with my zone leader Elder Shafercotter (WAY cool. and I think I spelt his name WAY wrong). I went to his area (Middleton. Hooray!) and had a blast. He is the district leader of the other district which meant that we went to 2 district meetings (man I feel bad for zone leaders! haha). I did get to see some people I knew last year and it was really fun.

Friday was mission tour. This is like zone conference only it's in Boise and someone big comes. We had Elder Kenneth B Johnson of the 70 from England (Hey Jake!). It was pretty intense. It was fun though because I got to see so many of my missionary friends all at once. After driving back to Caldwell, we had dinner and went BACK to Boise for a fireside Elder Johnson held. It was pretty good.

Saturday (WARNING:This day was SOO insane, those not capable of reading beyond crazy things should stop now). I don't even remember the order things happened on Saturday. But we'll focus on Elder Naylor for now. We went to Los Betos for breakluch meal thing, and he got this huge bacon burrito. After that, we went to Sonic to get happy hour and he always jokes around saying, "you can get anything you want in a drink right? I'm gonna get bacon!" Well...he actually did it. He ordered a Caramel milkshake with bacon. I guess it is against Sonic policy to put Bacon in a milkshake, so the guy brought out his milk shake and gave him some free strips of bacon. Which he put in the shake and ate. Later that day, we had an All-you-can-eat corn feed. Elder Naylor decided that he could out-eat anyone there and be like his hero Johnny Chestnut. He than proceded in eating 10(!!!!) ears of corn. Along with a burger and brownie to finish it off like a champ. That night we went home (elder Naylor being a pretty sick boy at this point) and since it was early, decided to hang in the back yard where the temperature was nice. Well after a few hours and planning and stuff, we decided to head in and go to sleep. This did not end up happening, because as we headed in, Elder Tobin fell off the swing and it somehow came back around and hit him in the head. We didn't think it was a big deal at1st until massive amounts of blood started running down his face. I grabbed the car keys as fast as I could and we BOOKED it to the hospital. (I think angels were distracting all the cops, keeping them off that road. haha) He ended up getting 7(!!!) staples in his head.So crazy.

Because of the head injury, he couldn't attend church so I stayed home with him the next day. Kinda boring since he couldn't do anything. But really that sums up this crazy week. My only questions is why are we still using staples in peoples heads? haha. You'd think we'd have some super technological way to seal the cut, but nope. Common staples probably purchased at a $1 store. haha.

Well, Hope yourday is awesome.

Love ya all!

-Elder Woods
In Addition:
I forgot to tell you something very important that happened on saturday. A good friend of mine named Spencer A.K.A Elder Wenzel came to visit. It was a short visit, but he brought me a movie he put together that we made last transfer. Hilarious and amazing. I'll try to send you a copy. Just know its the greatest. haha. Love ya!