Thursday, December 31, 2009

Niagra Falls - Idaho Style

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Chrismahanakwanzaka!!!!

Hey everyone!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! Hope every ones Christmas season is going great. I know mine is significantly better than 2 years ago because I'm not working at Target this time of year. Which was insane. haha. But despite how incredibly busy I was, I loved it. Now I'm twice as busy and love it way more. It's awesome. We're always out doing something or helping someone.

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was our Christmas devotional and it was WAY sweet. There was a talent show, a great dinner (actually it was amazing!!), a very spiritual Christmas devotional, and Santa even came! Hooray! haha. One of my favorite parts was just hearing President Yardley speak. I've heard him like a thousand times, but it never gets old cause it's SO amazing. It was fun to see old friends and talk mission areas. Santa even gave out presents! I got a robe, to which I said, "wow, I hope I get the flu so I can wear it". haha. But
it was really a good time.

On Thursday we had interviews with our President. WAY weird to have interviews right after Zone Conference, but kinda cool too. He didn't drop any hints if I'm staying or leaving. My guess would be leaving, but who knows. I'd love to stay cause this area is amazing. But I'll go wherever.

Another really cool thing that happened this week, was we (as a Zone) were invited to do service at the Temple. Like, cleaning the inside yesterday. It was SUCH a cool experience.

Yesterday we also helped an investigator move and met with some new investigators who are WAY cool. We're pretty excited.

Well, that's probably it for now. Work is going awesome and we're having a blast.

Hope every one's Christmas is going to be sweet!

Love ya!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"...but I will be thy servant" - Ammon

Hey everyone!
Hope your all doing great! For those of you celebrating (Jesse) it is curently the 4th day of Chanukah. So... La Cheim.

Anyways, this week has been awesome. We've been doing TONS of service, and have been pretty blessed for it. We helped a family move, shoveled show, moved wood, and even volunteered at Deseret Industries. It was pretty fun. I was even able to score a pretty sick V-neck shirt AND a REALLY sick hooded long sleeve shirt. Its like an old Ocean Pacific from the early 90's. haha.

But the real reward was just being able to help people. We're really excited for some upcoming projects with the Lions Club and armed forces. It's been awesome.

We were even blessed to meet two new investigators who are really interested in the church. Both lessons went really well. All our other investigators are doing awesome. Some have told us to come back in January, but most are still cool with us coming by.

Well, that's about it for this week. Next week should be WAY crazy. So stick around cause its gonna OWN!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Frozen Falls

Hey everyone!

This week will prolly be a little short. We started a new transfer and learned that my Zone has been cut in half. The Elders out in Jerome are now there own Zone (again) and our Zone is now 1 District of 6 Elders. (8 including us). So pretty crazy small. But all the Elders in it are WAY good so we're excited.

We made the Zone vision and calender and are focusing this transfer on doing service for others. Just getting out and helping those around us. Because not a lot of people really want us during this time because of family over and stuff. So, just like Ammon to King Lamoni, we're hoping to do service and spread holiday cheer.

We went out to Twin Falls (like, the actual falls) and took some pics. It was pretty cool. actually, really cold. haha. But pretty. I would like to see it when the water is running.

The next day it started snowing and hasn't really stopped. So I am getting more practice at driving in snow. It's actually really fun. haha.

Well, that's about it. All in all everything is going awesome!

I want to end this entry to saying Happy Birthday to my mom. I love you so much mom and I'm so thankful for all you do. It's hard to believe your already 30.

Love ya!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was awesome. We went to a few different families and ate until we got sick. Literally! haha. We started our second dinner and Elder Chain got pretty sick. He had to go home and lie down. I seriously can't think of a better way to spend a holiday. Sleeping. Oh it's a missionary dream come true. haha. But later that night, we went out and visited a good friend named Spencer. a.k.a. Elder Wenzel! YA!!! It was so good to see him. He was down for a basketball game in Twin Falls the next day.
Which brings me to the next day! After we went to a Zone Meeting (more like Jerome meeting since the other District didn't show up. lame), and took some awesome pictures, we all went to go see Spencer play. (Don't worry, it was approved by President. In fact the assistants brought some people down!) It was awesome. They played Riverside Community College (too bad they didn't bring there AMAZING drumline with them). It was a good game with some really cool plays.

On Sunday, I got to speak in one of our wards on (surprise surprise)
missionary work! and testimonies. It was really well. Yesterday was transfers, which ment that we were up late packing. But I get Elder Gebhart (look up this time last year). He's one of my favorite
missionaries out here. We get along REALLY well and work hard
together. awesome! So I'm pretty excited about this transfer.
That's about it for this week. With Thanksgiving and transfers, it slows stuff down. But we're still workin hard and doing our best.
Well, I love ya all!
-Elder Woods

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Little Town That Could

Hey everyone!

So this week has been pretty awesome. Once again I don't have my planner so the events will all be out of order. But who cares. haha.

On Thursday we picked up a really good investigator. He is like, 17 and really interested in learning about the Book of Mormon. What it is, what's in it, why we have it, all that good stuff. We had a really good lesson about it and he wanted us to come back and talk more. Way cool.

Friday we had interviews. I wore my brown pinstripe suit (my mom's favorite - I refer to it as the hideous brown suit) and President Yardley said I looked like Robert Redford in the Sting. Best compliment I've ever been given. haha. (There will be no living with him now). He old me I'm staying and gave me some possibilities on who my next comp. would be. They were only maybe's, but if it were true, it would be SOOOO awesome! haha. So we'll wait till next week to find out. Well, I guess this week. Probably today!

Anyways. Saturday we went to Murtaugh. Now, I took two pictures of the Murtaugh sign on both sides. You'll notice BOTH sides say "Welcome To Murtaugh". Well that's because that's how big the town is. haha. It is very very small. But we did meet a really nice family who wanted us to teach their kids and baptize them. Score! haha. That doesn't happen too often.

Sunday we met with another new investigator. We taught him the 1st lesson and he really wants to learn more. He's interested in coming to church too. Sweet! Right after that, I had the opportunity to speak at a Priesthood Preview meeting. It was really cool. I didn't prepare anything at all, so it was pretty cool to be led by the Spirit in what to say. At least I hope it was the Spirit. haha. I know I said something about BSU and that's pretty close to carnal sin to talk bad about BSU. I saw a man get the death sentence for talking bad about them. haha.

That's all the big points of this week. It has been awesome and we are so thankful for the Lord's blessings. Especially Thanksgiving. Hooray turkey! haha.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Love -Elder Woods

I asked Brad what he was going to do for Thanksgiving - his answer:
Thanksgiving we can't do much. Just eat a lot. Which is what we do
everyday. "Here in the Idaho Boise Mission, you don't eat when your
hungry, you eat when your fed" haha.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Special 18 Month Mark Edition


How is everyone?

So welcome to the special 18 month mark edition. A year and a half ago I began this amazing journey. It's flown by so fast, but luckily I still have a good amount of time to get some work done. You'd think that doing the same thing day in day out every single day for a year and a half would get boring, but everyday is amazing. It has become the only thing I know. Missionary work. It's awesome.

to commemorate this occasion (as most Elders do) I burned a pair of pants. (well, just one pant for those who want to be correct with English. haha). I've burnt a tie and a shirt, and they went fine. But the burning pants created the WORST smell ever! It like soaked into the suit I was wearing and now can't wear it until I get it dry cleaned. (I hope it was the hideous brown suit) haha. It was horrible. But they lit up and burnt fast. We did it at the Gardners and they doused it in gas so it only took a few seconds for that thing to become ash. haha. It was pretty awesome.

Other than that, this week has been pretty swell. We picked up some new investigators and were able to do some service setting up Christmas stuff. (It really made me think of my mom when we were setting up a tree and Christmas music was playing.) But it was fun. It also made me realize how close Christmas really is. haha. Sweet.

So I threw on some random pics. One of Chain driving the crazy car. I don't know if it made it on the blog ever. At district meeting, Chain and I dressed up because we didn't last week. It was pretty fun. haha. and a few of the District Meeting last week. Which was hilarious.
Coming up this week is interviews. We're pretty excited. Thanksgiving weekend
should be pretty wild, but I'll talk about that when we get to it. haha.

Well, I hope all is well for you.

I love you all!

-Elder Woods

Another Elder Woods in Boise!!! Steve and I flew up to Boise on Sunday to hear our former neighbor Devin Larson speak in church. He is heading to Mexico and will be a fantastic missionary. Brad is 130 miles away in Twin Falls, so no, we did not go and see him but we did enjoy seeing some of the area Brad has yet to serve in. It is COLD there.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remember, remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.

A Big Thanks to Richard Simmon's Mom (Diane) For Sending Me This Awesome Picture
Elder Brace stylin' a perfect Brad
Hey everyone!

So this week has been pretty awesome. Zone Conference was on Wednesday and I ended up watching Bolt. It was better than I thought it was going to be. But due to my lack of movie watching over the past year and a half I think I could have enjoyed watching a Micheal Moore film. Ok, that's a lie, but you get the point. haha. At Zone Conference, we talked about car safety since 3 cars have been totaled. One was in Burley and sat in the parking lot. They could still drive it (somehow), but it was gone. The passenger side was smashed in and was missing the fender. It was destroyed.

I mention this car because it needed a place to stay until the insurance people came to look at it. It also needed someone to drive it to said location. That, was us. Elder Chain drove the beat up jalopy :) and I drove our car.(yeah,it was weird. For 3 minutes I was alone.). Anyways, I was driving behind Chain, when all of a sudden, the hood on Chains car decides to fly up like on Tommy Boy. Instead of slamming on the brakes and skidding like most panicked people would, Chain instantly puts his head out the window to continue driving like on Ace Ventura. haha, It was soooo funny. I managed to snag a pic, but don't have my camera on me so I'll try to put it on later. haha.

Anyways, since our missionaries didn't really get to dress up on Halloween, we thought we'd give them the chance on Guy Fawkes day (Nov 5) during District Meeting. Well the Twin Falls District didn't dress up, but the next day, the Jerome District totally did. Elder Naylor dressed up as Richard Simmons, Elder Smith dressed up like Flava-flave, and the best costume, Elder Brace dressed up like...ME!!! haha. It was pretty funny. The best part was the Coheed and Cambria Belt buckle he made. haha. It was way funny.

After District Meeting, I went on exchanges with Elder Naylor. It reminded me of being back in Caldwell. Except with a lot more farmland. haha. We had a great time and saw some miracles.

Other than that, this past week has flown by. Work is going good. We're hitting it hard cause its a little slow, but that's ok.

Hope you're all doing great.

Stay tuned for next weeks very special
18 month mark celebration blog!haha

Love ya all!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey Hey Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Ours was good. We couldn't do anything because I guess some people in Twin Falls dress up like missionaries and do bad things. So we were on lockdown. This didn't stop us from dressing up though! Both our costumes were random and un-explainable. haha. I was old High Priest guy, and Elder Chain was a guy
decked out in plaid. It was pretty sick. We wore some pirate costumes at someones house who fed us dinner. Pretty fun, but I liked our originals more. Earlier in the morning, we went to the baptism of Colby Gardner. It was the 1st time I went to Stake Baptisms. Pretty cool experience. The coolest part of Halloween, was that we went to the Gardners later (to show off our costumes) and kids started showing up to trick-or-treat. Jokingly I said, "hey Nate (the other young Gardner son), you should pass out "pass along cards" with your candy". he was like, "OK!" so we gave him a stack of pass along cards and he handed them out. haha. It was pretty sweet.

As far as work, we are in the process of finding still. It's a long and sometimes boring process, but we stay positive that the Lord will bless us. Tomorrow is Zone conference where we watch a movie and basketball tournament. Most of you that know me know of my "love" for athletic sports (since I suck), so I am looking forward to the movie. haha.

Hope your all doing good.

I love ya tons!

Elder Woods

P.S. I don't think I explained a picture last week of an older gentleman. He's playing the saw. Apparently he's in the top 5 saw players in the world. I think its pretty easy though to be in the top 5 when there is only 5 saw players in the world. haha

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Chain-ge of Pace

Hey everyone!

So this week has really been INSANE.

So Tuesday we carved pumpkins before Elder West would have to leave to next day. I carved a Trogdor one. haha. They all turned out really cool and it was a lot of fun. Usually I get frustrated with carving since I suck, but I was pretty proud of this one.

On Wednesday, I got Chain BEFORE we dropped off Elder West. Which meant for 2 hours we were in a 5-some! Ya, absolutely crazy!!! haha. So I had to say bye to Elder West (which sucked cause Elder West has been one of my favorite comps) and return to the house with my 3 other comps. Luckily Chain is really cool. Unfortunately, Chain came to us at the tail end of having the swine flu. Which meant that we didn't get a TON of work done this week.

Friday we went out to Boise for Zone Leader Council, which was SOOO cool. We gotta hear from President which always owns. The drive to Boise is really long though so we were really tired when we had to go to Elder Naylors District Meeting in Jerome. It was good though. We played a good "get to know you game" which are always good.

Saturday we made the Zone Vision and calender. This transfer we will be celebrating "National Zombie Appreciation" week. I'll let you know when it comes up so you can participate in the fun. haha. That's one thing we're really excited about, is that this transfer is going to be way fun.

That's about it for the update. Other than that, Chain is recovering and we're doing good.

Hope you are all doing great.

I love ya all and don't catch the swine flu!!!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Will Work for Pizza

Hey everybody!

This week has been good. Last week of the transfer already. It has FLOWN by! Every new transfer has been the fastest transfer. haha. Its crazy.

Wednesday was really cool. We had a baptismal interview for Ashley and Eric (one I talked about last week)came to mutual. I promised him I'd go if he came. Mutual however, was kinda lame. All they were doing was watching the BSU game. LAME! (I called and asked for permision don't worry, and BSU won for anyone that is interested). But he said he still had a good time.

Thursday we had to take the car in to get the door fixed so we had to sit in a waiting room for like 2 hours with a million old people watching soap operas, court room shows, and celebrity tv. SOOOO awkward. I REALLY don't miss day time TV. haha. We later went to an investigators house and did some service. It was pretty fun. We had a really good lesson with Noah and Sharde (baptized a little while back) and met with Dallis and Eric (read last week). It was really cool. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and Priesthood and stuff. Pretty cool.

Friday we had our last Zone Meeting. It was way fun. The whole thing was about testimonies and letting people know that we're not just missionaries,we are representatives of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was a pretty powerful meeting. After that, we had a taco fry and watched "The Phone Call" a.k.a. the greatest movie the church has ever made.haha. We did service after that, clearing someones garden, they in turn, took us out to a wicked awesome pizza place. WAY good.

Saturday was a big day, we had the baptism of Ashley and Blake Miller. Blake was 8, but Ashley was 11 so she was a convert. But it was so cool to see both of them get baptized. They are soooo fun to teach.

Sunday was really cool. Eric's family came to church (minus the dad and one of his brothers). We even convinced Eric to go to classes. So cool. After church, we had a lesson with them on the Temple grounds. I snagged a picture with Eric there. It was a really good lesson. So over all, it's been a pretty good week.

Next week should be insane. I get my new comp. Elder Chain, and it looks like we're gonna need to start finding some new people since we baptized all of them. haha. and for all you keeping tabs on Elder Bergquist's trunky'ness, he has 9 days left.haha.

I hope you all have a great week!

Love ya!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Brave Bradley, Don't Be Chicken

Hey everybody!

How are ya!
So last weeks blog was as long as a Stephen King book, so I'll try to keep it down today. Plus I don't have my planner on me so I can only hit the big things that happened this week in no particular order. haha.

Friday we had interviews. They were pretty awesome. Talked alot about conference in the training and mainly focused on Elder Hollands talk. Cause it was amazing. During my interview, President hinted that Elder West and I wouldn't be together again another transfer. Pretty sad. But from Elder West's interview, it still sounded like a maybe...until we got transfer calls yesterday. Elder West is being transfered out to Boise North zone, and I am getting Elder Chain, whom I served with for 3 days while we were waiting to get our greenies. It should be pretty fun. I'm glad I got a cool comp for this transfer since the holiday transfers are the hardest.

Bergquist is going home in 16 days (you better believe he's trunky! haha) and we still have no clue what's happening to Elder Hohman (our visa waiter). So it should be pretty wild.

We have a baptism this Saturday which we're pretty excited about, and 3 new ones on the horizon! It was the best/greatest lesson I've ever been at. The Spirit was so strong and man, it was just awesome. In a nut shell,
we're teaching these 2 kids Eric (14) and Dallis (11). Both REALLY cool kids. Their mom is a member who is re-activating herself and their dad is not a member who said he doesn't want anything to do with the church. Well whenever we go to their house and teach a lesson, he leaves the room and goes upstairs. He's super friendly though. Every once in a while, he will poke his head over the balcony and ask a question about something we taught. As soon as we answer it, he goes back over the balcony. Anyways, we taught a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and when we taught about baptism, I challenged both kids to be baptized. They said yes! It was so cool. BUT, it only got cooler when the dad poked his head over and said, "is there some kind of process someone has to go through to be baptized?" We told him the process was just to take the missionary lessons. Mustering up ALL the courage I had, I said, "you know, I don't want to withhold this invitation from you." and asked him to be baptized. He TOO said yes!
It was SOOO amazing. I was sooooooo scared to ask him, but I learned a
valuble lesson about following the promptings of the Spirit. I think I learned as much that lesson as those we taught. It was SUCH a great

Well, I hope all is well for you all.

I love ya tons!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baptism by Snow (and I get shocked by


So this week was WAY WAY cool. Wednesday we went out to Murtaugh. My GPS took us on a shortcut which actually turned out to be a very scenic route. We caught a really cool look at the canyon as we drove next to it the whole way to Murtaugh. Well we ended up blinking and almost missing Murtaugh, but we found it.
We started trying to contact people but quikly learned that its a terrible idea to try and contact anyone in a farming community on a wednseday during harvest season. (Oakley anyone? haha) No one was home. We did get some referels though, so that was good. We had a really good lesson later that night with the investigator being baptized on the 17th. In addition to all this fun, wednesday was actually "National Act Like a Pirate Day". So celebrate, Elder West and I had a competition to see who could sneek in the most "piratey" quotes during dinner. We were both almost crying trying to keep a straight face the whole dinner. haha. It was pretty funny. Thursday, Noah and Sharde' (you'll find out who they are later) had there baptismal interview and did awesome. They are great kids and we excited for baptism. We also had district meeting, which was actually really fun. (I had kinda forgot what a fun district meeting was like. haha). We played this game called "District Master" patterned after some Dungeons and Dragonish game where you searched rooms and stuff. It was actually similar to Strong Bad's "Dungeon Master" or even "Peasent Quest" (for those unfamilier with the website, repent and to to it now. As nerdy as it sounds (which it was) it was pretty fun. You could tell that the district leader put alot of thought, time, and energy into making it. Fridays district meeting was also surprisingly fun. The whole thing was about wearing the armor of God and how it helps up to receive revelation for our investigtors. Pretty cool. That night was Noah and Sharde' s baptism. SOOO many people showed up to support them. It filled the relief society room and people were standing outside. (we would have moved it in the chapel, but a wedding reception was going on in the gym so we couldn't, As much as I would have loved to hear someone give a talk on the Holy Ghost with the electric slide playing in the backround. haha). A fellowshipper named Brother Christianson bore his testimony and I think it was one of the most powerful testimonies I've EVER heard. It was amazing. There wasn't a dry eye on Elder Woods face. haha. Way good.

Saturday, we woke up to see a very odd thing.
TONS of snow!
On october 3rd! What the heck? It was insane! So of course we had a snowball fight.

haha. It was pretty fun.
Saturday was conference. WAY good. We watched it at the Gardners and they fed us like every 5 seconds. They are WAY cool. On sunday, We went to breakfast at the Allens (made AMAZING waffles. Peanut butter and chocolet syrup almost made me go into diebetic shock. WAY good) and since it was still snowing so much, there satelite reception was gone. So we listened to conference on the radio. I had never done this and always wondered how people who did, knew who was talking. The answer is, they don't (or at least I didn't) unless they recognize the voice. haha. IT was still great though. We watched the last session at the Gardners again hoping an investigator would watch it with us. She showed up late, but still got to hear the prophets voice. It was cool. I loved Conference. Holland is SOOO amazing. Just so straight up! If anyone hasn't heard his talk, I would challenge you to go watch it. Don't read it. Watch it. Its more powerful when you see in his face how much it means to him. He's way cool. Yesterday we did some service shampooing a couch. (c-o-r-are you going to the mall today?) haha. IT was pretty funny. Well, that about sums up this crazy awesome week. Hope all is well for you all!

Love ya tons!

-Elder Woods
"Keeping our sights set high!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Throwing Up and Hiking Down

You could prolly guess from the title that I got sick AGAIN! It's so ridiculous. But this was only a 24 hour thing. I'll talk about it later.
Last week I talked about how we was gonna have us a baby.

Well, on Tuesday, we did. His name is Elder Homan. He's from Salem Utah and is waiting for a visa to go to MONGOLIA! Holy man! haha. Talk about crazy. He says the only thing people eat it sheep. Maybe I should be a little more thankful for getting Lasagna (I'm sure it reeks havoc on his IBS) 80 times a week for dinner.(I can no longer eat that meal. Sorry mom. haha). He is actually really cool for a greenie. I was impressed. But I was more impressed with when he taught. We spit up and taught a lesson and he taught like he had been out for over a year. He's a REALLY good teacher. Being in a four-some is really interesting. I've never heard of it ever happening before, so we can only guess what to do with it. We end up splitting up a lot because showing up to someones door with 4 missionaries would prolly look like the mafia. haha.

So on Wednesday, we had Zone Conference. It was REALLY good. The whole thing was focused on the Book of Mormon and using it to resolve concerns. During Z
one breakout, we gave every companionship a concern, and had them look up multiple scriptures to use for that concern. We set up empty bottles with those concerns written on them and after they used that scripture, they shot the bottle down with a dart. If they missed, their comp used a back up scripture to help them. It was pretty fun,but more importantly, we learned that ANY problem can be resolved using the Book of Mormon.

Thursday, we went didn't go to district meeting because it got cancelled...I don't know how you cancel a district meeting...but ok. We did have some really good lessons that day and moved our two baptisms from sat to Fri. (the 3rd got moved to the 17th). Pretty cool.

Friday we went to the other district meeting,and visited a bunch of people after. That night, I began to feel a little woozy. But I didn't think anything of it because it happens alot.

On Saturday, we went out and picked tomatoes for this family. We ended up picking 40 BOXES of tomatoes! I don't even like tomatoes!haha. But, throughout the whole service, I just kept feeling worse and worse. We left and Elder West and Bergquist were both feeling like crap too. We got home and the puking began. West and I were the only ones puking like crazy. Bergquist just had a way bad stomach ache. Homan was perfectly fine. (we think it was because he just got out of the germ infested MTC after being there for 3 months and built up an immunity). But we were hating it all night.
Luckily a really nice member (I don't know who it was since I was passed out on the floor when they came) came and brought us soup and medicine and stuff.

We were pretty sick Sunday too. We ended up going to a little of church and taking the sacrament. But by the end of Sunday, we were good.

Monday was good. We met with a bunch of families and went to a bunch of meetins.

Today, (after going to the temple) the Gardners (way cool fam) took us out to Balance Rock, Niagra Springs, and other cool sites. It was really cool and I took some cool pics that I can
hopefully post.

Well, that's about it.
Thanks for all you do everyone!

I love ya All!
-Elder Woods

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heavy Metal

Hey everyone!

So this week has been much calmer than others. But still wild - a bird made out of metal. Which we saw a ton of yesterday. Very random. (pictures will be included). haha.

Anyways, Wednesday we planned for Zone Conference (we are in charge of planning a "Zone breakout" which is really just an hour long Zone meeting), so we thought of some fun activities plus helping to resolve investigators concerns. We also put our bikes together and put them in the backyard of someone in Kinberly. (we actually cover Kimberly but live in Twin Falls, which is 5 miles away... I have no Idea either.)

We met with a new investigator (11 year old girl in a PMF - mission speak for part member family) and set a baptism date for Oct 3rd! So we'll have three that day. Probably 2 before Conference and 1 between sessions. Should be an awesome day! Except for conference means we have to wear suit-coats again. Ugh...oh well, its kinda cold now that the wind picked up.

Thursday I went on an exchange with some other Elders into their area. Its was pretty awesome. We taught like 6 Napolise (I have no clue how to spell it. People from Napal) families. They are so receptive and amazing. Someone had givin them some anti and they told us, "give us a Book of Mormon. They made us take their fake movies so we'll make them take this true book!" haha. So tight! It was a really cool experience. Except hardly any of them could speak English so I had a very hard time following the lesson. haha.

Friday we went to a District Meeting where Elder Bergquist exchanged with a greenie in Jarome. So West and I got the Greenie. haha, oh Greenies...haha. Anyways, we went to a ward Luau where they had coconut (good), pork (good), pinapple (good), and Bar-b-cue sauce to put ALL over it...(what?!) haha. It was pretty good though.

Saturday (after doing progress records) we were informed that we would be getting a Visa waiter straight from the MTC. So we would be in a four-some...with a greenie...oh boy...haha. We have no idea why it's happening or why the AP's thought this would be a good idea, but we'll run with it. haha. We get him later today.

Sunday we went to church all day and had some REALLY good lessons...fall through. haha. We did have one REALLY good lesson at the end of the day with 2 new investigators. pretty awesome.

Yesterday, we were on bikes. Ugh...haha. This is how I saw the metal bird statue things. Pretty interesting.

That about sums up the week. This upcoming week should be REALLY interesting though. haha.

I love ya all

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Myself, Elder Naylor and Elder Mickelson wearing our stunner shades. haha

The Hoggs. One of my favorite families on the planet.

Surprise visit from Grandpa Lehman! haha

Hey everyone!
So this week has been WAY awesome. I thought I was busy in Caldwell, but I'm like 3x more so here in Twin Falls. I actually don't cover Twin at all. I cover Kimberly, Hanson, and Murtaugh. Ever heard of them? Ya, me neither. But they are awesome.

Wednesday was transfers and I rode the van all the way to Twin and met up with Elder Bergquist and West and the party began. We all get along SUPER good and all have a desire to work hard so it's tight. We contacted some awesome people and began to know the area.

Thursday, we went to a district meeting in the morning. Pretty good. Then we went out and put in fence posts for a guy named Max. We just saw him doing some work, offered to help and we were there a few hours. It was actually way fun. Our dinner appointment gave us 3 referrals, we contacted all of them right after and they all wanted us to come back. YA! That night we met with some younger investigators and set a baptism date with both of them. It was amazing.

Friday we went to another district meeting and then went out to a leadership training meeting with President. It was a really good meeting. President pulled the rug out from under all of us and said "no caffeine drinks". (Brad and the good Dr. have a long friendship, this should be interesting) CRAP! I had totally just bought a twelve pack of Dr. Pepper that morning! AH! haha. oh well, thank goodness for limeade's at sonic! haha I'll survive with that. That night we met with some more people who were just awesome.

Saturday, we woke up and did service painting a house. This was a HUGE project. We painted FOREVER. It was pretty fun though. After that we worked on progress records and the zone vision/calender. It ended up being really cool. I'll try to get it on the blog. Prolly next week. Also that day, Phil a.k.a. Elder Lehman, stopped by. Way cool to see him again. He is so tight.

Sunday we had a great day. Went to like 6 sacrament meeting and had some awesome lessons. We set another baptism date. WAY COOL! (It was really a re-set, but hey! a dates a date! haha).

Yesterday we did some planning and other stuff, then had District Leader Council where we presented the Zone vision. It was a good meeting. That night we got two new investigators who are SOOO cool! One of them is a skater who plays drums and loves music. Sound familiar? haha. Way cool.

We started today off by going to the temple. Great start. I missed the temple so bad. It's amazing.

Well, that's all the time I got.

I love you all!

-Elder Woods