Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey everybody! How goes life?
So, I want to start by talking about an "inversion". Ever heard about it? I hadn't either. But to sum it up, I haven't seen the sun in a month. No joke! haha, its super crazy. People here say you have to go into survival mode. So we've been trying to entertain ourselves, as you can see in the pictures. haha.
Well Payette is awesome other than the lack of sun-shine. We've got a lot of work rolling in Fruitland and Ontario. This up coming week is pretty crazy. We have interviews tomorrow, exchanges with Mccall (3 hours away), district meetings and stake meetings and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'm pretty stoked. Busy=awesome!
The other day we were tracting (yes, I went tracting. ugh...), but we met a man named Clayton, who invited us in and wanted to here our message. After hearing it, he wanted us to come back and give him more. He's awesome. He's a way good guitar player and we're looking for a place to jam sometime. haha. He's way cool.
Well, I hope you all have had and will have a great week. Enjoy the nice sun! haha.
Love ya!
-Elder woods

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Idaho's not the only thing freezing over!!

Hello one and all!! So first off, lets get this out of the way. Cardinals are in the Super-Bowl?! The team that hasn't won a play-off game in 30 years is now in the Super-Bowl?! haha. Thats sooooo insane! I think its the fastest I've ever jumped on the band wagon though. haha. Well the work here is good. Actually, its really good. Maybe even great! haha. We have a lot of work rolling in Ontario, which is cool because I get to go to another state. FYI, you can't pump your own gas in Oregon. Just in case you wanted to know. I pulled up to a gas station and was getting out and this random guy came up and asked for my credit card and stuff, I thought he was just a really nice mugger. haha. Pretty awesome. In other very random news, 1 year ago Sunday (the 18th), New York was attacked by the Cloverfield monster. I love that movie. haha. So that was way random, and probably means I should go. haha. I love you all and hope all is well! -
Elder Woods
p.s. Picture 1, this amused me. Its literally icicles on icicle lights. haha.
#2 is me with a tiny puppy. awwwwww...
Brad went to the temple today after throwing up all morning. Now that's dedication.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hello Friends!

How is everyone? I hope well. Payette is amazing. People are all really cool and friendly, and its not near as cold (or windy) as Burley was. We have a TON of great work going on and its really been a blast. Just Sunday, we had a HUGE multi-stake missionary meeting. It was for all the bishops, stake presidents, high councilors over missionary work, and ward mission leaders...and we came too. haha. Our Mission President was there along with Elder Walker of the 70. It was really great. Alot of great things are happening and its really cool to be a part of it. Well, my time is very short today, but I did throw in some pics. The first is the stuff my fam sent for my birthday. It was kinda crazy because Payette is literally known as "Home of the Pirates". I'll take a picture of one of the signs to show ya. haha. The second is one of our wards in Fruitland, I just couldn't miss such a great photo opportunity. haha. And the last one, we went to a dinner and the family was concerned about us getting spaghetti sauce all over our white shirts, so we got to wear these beauties. haha. It was pretty sweet. Well, I gotta run. I love you all and hope all is well!

-Elder woods

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 20th Brad and 1st Blog of the Year

(I'm sure Brad would have picked these pictures if he were here - haha)

It is officially 09 and I am officially transferred. I am now in Payette Idaho. Its right on the border of Idaho and Oregon. In fact we do all our shopping in Ontario Oregon. (no sales tax! ya! haha) Its a sweet little town with a TON of potential. My comp is Elder Reese from Glendale AZ. He's a pretty cool kid. We went to a ward party for New Years and it was alright. Yesterday was my birthday. I finally turned 15! yay! haha. No...I'm 20...I am no longer a teenager. But its all cool. Well, I gotta run. Sorry there is no pics, I forgot my camera, but you should be getting ALOT more pics soon when I send my camera home. Love ya all tons and thanks so much for all you do!
-Elder Woods
These are the questions I asked this week and Brad's answers. He only answers if I ask specifically and he doesn't elaborate.
How's your new companion? New comp is cool.
How is being a follow-up trainer? Follow up trainer is ok
How is being a senior companion? Senior comp is ok.
How is your new wards? Wards are WAY cool. Love missionaries.
How many wards do you cover? We only cover 4 wards.
Anyone to teach? We do have people to teach and they are all pretty close. Way cool.
How's your new apartment? Apartment is cool
How is your new town? Town is cool, I liked Burley a little more. But Ontario is pretty tight.
How was your Birthday?Birthday was good. I went to Taco Bell. This is the 1st area I've been in that's had one so I haven't been there in a while. Way good. haha.