Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Luke? Who's Luke?" -Lenny

Brad didn't send any pictures this week. Brad's companion Elder Forsyth is also a drummer and in honor of him and this being WGAZ-Drumline Season I thought I would post pictures of "Bradley the drummer". Hahah, they are funny.


So this week has really been pretty hectic. We've been learning our new area of Weiser and setting up miles, dinners, and splits. It's really been a nightmare.

On the plus side, we got permission to still teach Shane and Whitney (even though they are out of our area). That's pretty awesome.
We went to church in Weiser on Sunday. I guess Elder Sagato had told people that Weiser wouldn't have ANY missionaries so we had to spend a good amount of time convincing people that we were actually the Weiser missionaries. haha. During the third ward, someone was bearing there testimony and all the power went out. Pretty crazy. No one knew what to do. It was pretty funny.

Well, I gotta run. Hope all it well.

Love ya!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Madness?

Sam and April Luna BaptismGolfing?

Brother Fife
Fruitland Ward Mission Leader

Payette, ID

Hello Everyone!

Good news and bad news time. We'll start with the good because if I started with the bad it wouldn't make sense at all. haha.

Good: Transfer calls came and I am staying with Elder Forsythe. Hooray! Only, some HUGE changes have occurred. Elder Sagato (our third wheel...er...companion) is going out to Emmett. This means that Elder Forsyth and I are now covering Payette and Weiser. Pretty awesome. BUT! That also means we are loosing our Ontario ward to the Zone leaders and our Fruitland Ward to the Fruitland Elders. We will now only cover 2 Payette wards and 3 Weiser wards. We are however getting permission to still teach Whitney in Fruitland. So not all terrible. But Fruitland is totally the ward we put the most work into only to lose it.

Pretty sad, but its all good. Weiser has a lot of good things going for it. We met an investigator and he's like, "ya, I'm a drummer in high school" YES!!!! hahaha. Pretty awesome.

Transfers are tomorrow so thats when all the changin will go down. Today we played a pretty fun game of golf. Actually, let me correct that, Elder Forsyth, Sagato, and Boyes played a fun game of golf while Elder Hunziker and I had a BLAST driving around in the cart. haha. Lot of fun.
Well, I gotta run. Thanks for stayin tuned. Alot of good stuff is going down.

Love ya!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everything is Alright (Motion City Soundtrack)

Me playing a tiny drum set
A sunset (reminds me of the cover of the movie Big Fish) Elder forsyth eating a raw onion (super gross)
Jordan Berryman's Court of Honor

Hey everyone!

This week has been also crazy. Not crazy enough to be part 3 though. haha. On Wednesday, I went to Ontario with Elder Hunziker. It was pretty fun. We went trackting and knocked on the door of a calvery chapel preacher. He had a few...choice...words to say to us. haha. But it was pretty fun being with Elder Hunziker.

We had dinner on a farm and this farmer grew pigs for a living and I swear these things would make the Cloverfield monster scared. THEY WERE HUGE!!! They had to be some sort of mutant pig. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, but they were creepy.

Thursday and Friday we were in Weiser (pronounced like the band Weezer...who owns), it was weird to be in a new area, but kinda cool as well. We met some cool people. It's rumored we might cover both areas next transfer. I don't know if that's even true in the least bit, but I think it would be pretty fun. We'd be WAY busy.

Sat we met with Whitney and talked about baptism. She said it was something she really wanted, but didn't know when the right time was. We told her the only person that would know that is God and challenged her to pray about it. Pretty awesome.

On Sunday, we went to a court of honor for Jordon Berryman in Payette. He's awesome. It reminded me of mine and how much of an Eagle Scout I didn't look like with my crazy black hair. haha.

Well, I gotta run. Hope all is well for you and I love ya tons!

-Elder Woods

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy Week Part Deux!!!

So we've had yet another crazy week. Which is awesome. Crazy weeks own. It's not as...graphic as last week. haha.

It started off, we got a broken car from La Grande shipped to us and we were given the responsibility to get it fixed. Out of nowhere. So we got it fixed Wednesday, and had Jerry's baptismal interview. He did awesome.

Thursday we did the best lesson of my entire mission with Whitney. We did a walk through of the church/ plan of salvation. It was SOOOOO cool. Ask me about it when I get home. It might take a while to explain. Just know it was beyond awesome.

I guess on Friday, Jerry and his wife got in a fight. When Sister Fields (his fellowshipper) asked him if he's still getting baptized, he said, "NOTHING is going to stop me from getting baptized". Pretty awesome. Sat was Jerry's baptism. It went really well. That night is when the real craziness began. The elders in Weiser (the neighboring area) got split up and one went to Boise and one went to us. We are now in a threesome. His name is Elder Sagato. He's from Samoa. We now cover Weiser and Payette for a few weeks. Insane.

Well, I gotta run. Hope all is well for you.

With Love- Elder Woods

This is how it all started just one year ago!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jersey Birdy?

How is everyone? This week has literally been the most interesting week of my mission. Its been CRAZY! So I'll go day by day.

Monday- We picked up a new investigator named Whitney Cowhill. Her husband is a member and really a cool guy. I asked him what kind of music he listened to and he's like, "oh, I don't think you would know it. But have you ever heard of Coheed and Cambria or Chiodos?" hahaha.(two of my favorite bands ever) So we get along pretty well. It was really great.

Tuesday-P-day. Way fun. We went to some CRAZY pawn shop with tons of random crap. It was crazy! haha

Wednesday- We got a call to go do some service. They told us to "bring clothes you can throw away". So...kinda a red flag. They than told us their cow died. So we changed and go over to help and as we round the corner to there backyard, we see one of the most gross sights I've ever seen. There is a dead cow on the ground and some of his insides are now his outsides. But! They weren't completely out. That's where we came in. We had to help make ALL of is insides outsides. Not fun.After that, (I thought we were done) we had to hang it in a tree...cause I guess that's what you do...ew...So this guy comes over with his tractor and chains this cow to it and lifts it into the tree. It is than my responsibility to tie it into the tree. um...ya, crazy.haha. But we finally got the job done and luckily, we had an appointment to get to because they started skinning it. Whoa.

Thursday-I was in McCall with Elder Pineda. He is a spanish/english missionary. We did a ton of work. Only that work...was in spanish. If you wanna feel utterly useless in your life, go teach a lesson (or 4)with a spanish missionary not knowing spanish. haha. The reason this happened is because all the english appointments fell through. Oh man.It was tough. I could understand all of it, but couldn't put in any input. haha. It was pretty crazy. But, that night it snowed like CRAZY!!! like, a few feet. But it was WAY insane.

Friday- Due to the conditions at McCall (and teaching someone that was sick) I was sick. Just like a terrible headache/cough cold crap. Not too fun.

Saturday-Last day of the month so we had a TON of miles to kill. We drove our progress records out to every bishop and ward mission leader. It was pretty crazy. We got a ton of referrals and people to go see off of it. It was way good. I also decided, "hey, let's go to the chinese buffet here in town for lunch". As soon as we left (very full) our phone rang and it was dinner, "how do you boys like your steaks cooked and lobster?" DANG!!! But I did eat it and felt like a total pig. haha. The husband was a HUGE Beatles fan so we talked for a while.

Sunday-Church. We had 3 investigators show up. Crazy enough. Plus we taught a 1st lesson to a whole young men's group. (I had totally forgotten how annoying deacons are haha)

Monday- Dead cow part 2. We went back over to help with the cow, only now we were cutting it. They enlisted the help of their neighbor. We brought it into his house and began cutting it up into steaks and burger meat and stuff. The coolest part, is that their neighbor isn't a member and he asked about 4 million questions about the church with as solid interest. He was a really cool guy and he said he wanted us to some back and talk some more. Way cool.
Well, that was my crazy week. Its been WAY fun and insane. Hope all is well for you and I love you all tons!
-Elder Woods