Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brad's No Blog Blog

Look how much they have grown.

Brad won't recognize Lexi and Landon.



So, once again Brad sent a very short email and no blog post. This is what he instructed me to share:

"if you wanna write something on the blog, write we have been working SUPER hard and have seen success. And that either this week or next week, we'll be getting a 3rd companion. A good friend of mine I'm excited to see again. I'll have a good blog next week.

I love you tons Mom!

Love-Elder Woods"


•stephanie• said...

they certainly have grown.
and they're so cute.
drew's coming home to two that he's never met.
(plus the three - well . . . really only two of them - who talk about "uncle drew" nonstop)
should be fun!

vicki said...

We'll be waiting...
(a short blog post is still better than none!)
Alexis and Landon are so adorable! And the pic made me want to see all of you!

Dena said...

They are so adorable!!! I understand about the short blog posts. Chad's are getting shorter every week. Only a few short weeks left!!. Bart and I will be returning from New York late on the 17th, but we for sure will make it to Brad's homecoming on Sunday!