Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Best Letter EVER

Hey everyone!

So this week has been great. We've had some really good progress with some awesome people out here and a few are close to baptism.

This morning it was snowing pretty hard. Which is WAY insane, but cool to see again since it didn't stick around.

So yesterday I received to best letter I've ever got on my mission. (no offense mom - non taken). I got a letter from an investigator we baptized in Weiser inviting me to go through the temple with him and his wife as they are sealed for time and eternity. That is the real goal of baptizing families, to see them together forever. I was so excited to get that letter and will be even happier to walk with them through the Boise temple. I think it's like April 23rd or something. I dunno, but I'm really excited.

Well the 3rd companion thing never happened so it looks like it will just be Cobb and I tearing it up.

Well I hope everyones week is good.

I love ya all!

-Elder Woods


jilbanil said...

That has to be the highlight of his mission...seeing someone he taught go through the Temple! How wonderful for him! What a way to end his mission!

•stephanie• said...

i've read something similar lately from my missionary.
i'm so tickled for them to get to see the full cycle of conversion. what a blessing and what a way to end!!! it's getting close!

vicki said...

It looks like someone gets to return to their mission right away! How exciting. He deserves this great blessing/opportunity!