Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eight Thumbs Up

Hey everyone!

So this week was really good. The major highlight was on Saturday, we had a baptism. IT was really cool. IT was two young boys (11 and 8) who were really excited to be baptized. The bishop baptized both of them, and Elder Cobb and I spoke. Then they surprised us by saying that they would be confirmed that day and they wanted us to
do it. haha. We each confirmed one. The best part of it, was yesterday we saw one of the boys playing with some neighborhood kids and he came up to us and told us how cool it is to have to Holy Ghost and how he feels so different. IT was awesome.

The area is doing awesome too. We have a ton of work and more baptisms on the way. Well that's about it for this week.

I love you all!

-Elder Woods

P.S. The pics
1) Baptism
2) the top of a mountain here in Marsing.
Pretty cool pic I thought.

Come join us at our home for a welcome home party for Elder B-rad, Saturday April 17th 5:30 to 8:30 pm (email for directions).

Elder Woods will be speaking in the Augusta Ranch 1st Ward on Sunday, April 18th @ 1:00 pm. The building is located on the corner of Madero & Crismon Rds., in Mesa.


jilbanil said...

Keep the baptisms coming! A great way to end his mission! I wish we could be there for his homecoming!

vicki said...

that pic on top of the mountain is one thing... but Elder Woods seems to be on top of the world!